Shortpixy (shortpixy) wrote in marriage_plans,

Employment Problems

My future husband (the wedding is in 18 days) doesn't have a job. I have been employed for over a year, but he took an extra semester to finish his degree and finished in December. He's been looking since then, and has only had one interview. There's a good prospect, but it's far from being definite.

This has been the source of many, many fights over the past few months. One was this morning on my way out the door. I want him to get a job, I know how hard it is for him to be continuously looking and still unemployed, and how difficult it must be to have a future spouse who is frustrated with him.

But honestly? I leave in the morning, and he's sitting on the couch checking his e-mail. I come home and he's playing video games. I know he's going out with one of his best friends to play baseball today. I know he's trying, and he does some things around the soon-to-be our apartment.

I try to encourage him to apply for more things, but he got turned by the Container Store (read: crap job that would just give him minimum wage and no career). I think he's frustrated with himself, that he has an undergraduate degree from a prestigious business school and he can't get hired. So he won't even apply for other "demeaning" jobs. His parents have promised to help us after the wedding, but I work for a non-profit theatre and make barely anything. After the wedding, we'll have more health insurance, car insurance, and bunches of other bills that come with being married and not on the parents' pay roll anymore.

I guess I'm not looking for advice, just sympathy. But if you all have been in this situation, what did you do?
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