fadeddesignxx (fadeddesignxx) wrote in marriage_plans,

Name and/or LJ username: Jenn, and fadeddesignxx
Age: 22. =)
Relationship Status: Tenatively engaged.
How did you and your SO/FH/H meet? Teehee. It's a long story, but actually on Gaia online. How embarassing! =)Though for this girl, it's future wife. =)
How long have you and your SO/FH/H been togther? We were friends for a year before we dated (best friends), and we are new, so... -blushes-
When is/was your wedding? No date yet. :(
Do you have any children? Pets? Well, we both have pets, but hopefully we'll combine them, and adopt kittens and babies. :D
Anything else you want to share with us! Hmm... nope! <3
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