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marriage_plans's Journal

Marriage planning...before the wedding day!
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Welcome to Marriage Plans!

If you are soon-to-be engaged, engaged, or married, this is the place for you! This community is for discussing issues that will affect your future (or current) marriage. Please feel free to seek relationship advice as it pertains to marriage planning! There are a thousand communities for wedding planning, and for married couples after the wedding. Marriage Plans is intended to be a place to talk about issues that will affect your marriage after the wedding day!

While this community is directed more to those who are almost engaged or engaged, we welcome those who are married with open arms! Just because we are married (and this mod is!) doesn't mean that we don't need anymore help with marriage planning!

As with any community, though, there are rules:

1. This is an adults-only community. 18 years or older, please!

2. Members of this community will remain respectful at all times. This community is intended to be a safe environment to come and discuss issues that some posters may not feel comfortable discussing elsewhere. Rudeness will not be tolerated.

3. All posts must be Friends-Only to further promote a safe advice/discussion environment.

4. Long posts, picture posts, must be behind an lj-cut to save the screens of those who use dial-up!

4a. Off topic posts may be subject to deletion. Keep topics related to marriage planning in one way or another. If you think it may be off topic, please put it under a cut. Any posts completely off-topic will be deleted. The Moderator will give notice before deletion occurs. EDIT: Wedding planning is an off-topic subject for this community. Wedding planning is defined as specific plans relating only to the day-of the ceremony events/details. Please see weddingplans or another related community for those posts. However, if you have a wedding related post that also, in some way, discusses marriage planning (i.e. interaction/issues with SO or ILs or such), that may be posted. We just request that you place the wedding planning portion of the post behind an lj-cut. Thank you!

5. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. Each user gets one warning. If the attack continues, the user will be banned.

6. This is a drama free zone! If drama erupts in a post, keep it in that post! Any posts made to continue the drama will be deleted. Users who constantly incite drama will be banned.

7. Be considerate! This goes along with rule #1. Realize that all members come from different backgrounds, and different experiences. Also, please realize that in an advice/story post it is incredibly difficult/impossible for the OP to relate all relevant background information. Take this into consideration as you prepare your replies. Don't presume to think you know the full situation.

8. Profanity will be kept to a minimum. The moderator understands the need to vent occasionally, and that is all well and good. If profanity in a rant is extreme, please lj-cut it. Constant, extreme profanity may result in the user being banned.

9. Do not spam. Spam will be deleted immediately.

Now that the rules are done, please enjoy the community! As one last task, we ask that you fill out the following introduction survey:

Name and/or LJ username:
Relationship Status:
How did you and your SO/FH/H meet?
How long have you and your SO/FH/H been togther?
When is/was your wedding?
Do you have any children? Pets?
Anything else you want to share with us!
Please feel free to share a photo of you and your SO if you wish!

Let the advice flow!
~Amanda aka mandinkers